The Acoustic Image Clarus S4 – call for current prices

2 in 1

Acoustic_Image_Clarus_2plus_2_ChannelThe Acoustic Image Clarus S4 is the same sensitive and sophisticated double bass amp head that is used in many of Acoustic Image’s products including the Ten2. The Clarus; however, is just the amp head and can be combined with almost any modern speaker combo. Every Acoustic Image design is engineered to accurately reproduce the sound of acoustic and electric instruments. Acoustic Image amps combine purity, power, and portability in a package that sets a new standard in high fidelity amplification.

 The Acoustic Image Clarus is available in two options: Two Channel Clarus (S4plus, $949) and One Channel (Clarus S4, $749).  Current prices may vary.

 From the Manufacturer:

 The Clarus integrated double bass amplifier uses a 600W power amp and a one or two channel preamp. The power amp is a high efficiency design that requires no external heat sinks or cooling fans and is capable of driving loads as low as 2 ohms. The rated output is 600W at 4 ohms. AC power and output speaker jacks are located on the rear of the chassis. A standard, three-prong detachable AC power cord is used to provide power to the unit, while an AC voltage selection switch allows the unit to operate at 100 to 120V (50 or 60 Hz) or 220 to 240V (50 Hz). The input channels of both preamp types incorporate combo jack interfaces that allow either a high impedance instrument input (to optimize the sound of piezo-type pickups) or a mic input with a switchable 10 dB pad, a three-band EQ, an effects loop with return level control, a selectable low cut filter and phase reverse switch for feedback control and reduction of low frequency boominess, a six-program effects unit with wet/dry mix control, a direct out capability with ground lift and pre/post EQ switch, a master level control and a mute switch. The two-channel preamp has a switch that allows the second channel to be disconnected from the main amp and connected to a satellite power amp to create a stereo system.

 Features – Amp Head:

  • Extended frequency range, high fidelity sound
  • Light weight (<4 lbs.), small size (10.2 x 8.2 x 3.5)
  • Unique, slanted front chassis
  • Mounts in cabinet using Cabrio Docking System
  • Separate XLR and 1/4 inch inputs in each channel can be used simultaneously
  • 48V phantom power and 10 dB gain select for mic input
  • Input level control per channel
  • Four band EQ per channel
  • Selectable phase reverse and sweepable low cut filter per channel (phase reverse can be converted to low pass speaker emulation filter with internal jumper option)
  • Effects loop per channel
  • Selectable reverb and delay effects with level and rate controls and pseudo stereo output
  • Direct out with selectable 10 dB pad, pre/post switch and ground lift-Headphone output
  • Switchable limiter
  • Mute switch
  • Mono or stereo output from the preamp section
  • Selectable internal jumper options for gain and stereo operation
  • High fidelity, low noise operation: 110 dB SNR at direct out
  • Automatic voltage switching for universal AC mains operation
  • 650 Watt output at 4 ohms (music power)
  • Dual speaker outputs with speakon connector
  • Comes with padded carrying case