The Acoustic Image Contra S4 – call for current price

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The Acoustic Image Contra S4

The Contra Double Bass Amp provides transparent, powerful, and accurate sound reproduction across the full frequency spectrum so that your sound comes through with all its strength and clarity. Power, flexibility, and sonic performance are difficult to find in a portable amp, but the Contra Double Bass amp has all of this at a reasonable price. The Contra essentially disappears on stage, radiating omnidirectional sound and highlighting your performance – not your equipment. We call this “musical amplification.”


  • Balanced, high fidelity sound
  • Two-way sealed speaker system
  • 10″ downfiring woofer
  • 5″ extended range driver
  • Lightweight (22 lbs) molded polymer enclosure
  • One channel preamp, no effects
  • Three-band EQ preamp section
  • Combo jack input (either 1/4 in or XLR)
  • Phantom power on XLR input
  • Input and master level controls
  • Effects loop with return level control
  • Switchable Low Cut or Notch filter
  • Balanced direct out with ground lift
  • Mute switch and Pre/Post EQ for direct out
  • 300 Watt switch mode power amplifier, internally limited
  • Automatically switched dual voltage operation (100-115V/220-240V)
  • Comes with a fitted slip cover with cord storage pocket and shoulder strap