Luis and Clark violin – Carbon Fiber

1 in 1

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The Luis and Clark violin has a rich, resonant tone and wonderful projection. Our owners have described it using these phrases, “beautiful, easy to play and the sound is gorgeous… Has wonderful projection… Its tone is rich, resonant and the instrument itself speaks easily and is very responsive to my playing… an absolutely wonderful instrument. It is a pleasure to play and a joy to listen to… Its warmth and extra dynamic range makes it perfect for an amplified performance.”

Weighing less than a pound, this violin brings together the best of the violins Louie most admired in his 60 years as a professional musician. He was most influenced by Joseph Guarnerius del Gesù, but it also has characteristics from Amati, Montagnana, Stradivarius, J.B. Guadagnini and the rest of the Guarneri family.