DoubleShot™ Combo

1 in 1

The DoubleShot Combo consists of the DoubleShot speaker and one of our SL-class integrated amplifiers. There are rubber stops on the top of the cabinet that hold the amp head in place. When the amp is placed on top against the stops and the speaker is connected, a unique “combo” is formed. Three versions are available:

  1. DoubleShot-Clarus SL = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL (one channel, no effects) plus short speaker cable: $1,399 (list), $1,299 (street)
  2. DoubleShot-Clarus SL-R = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL-R (one channel with effects) plus short speaker cable: $1,499 (list), $1,399 (street)
  3. DoubleShot-Clarus SL-2 = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL-2 (two channels, no effects) plus short speaker cable: $1,549 (list), $1,449 (street)

When the units are purchased together as a “combo,” a duffle/backpack carry bag is included.

Introductory sale: $100 off all DoubleShot Combos purchased before September 1, 2019             Call Gary Ritter for best price – 810-333-2752