Headway EDM-1 Preamplifier for Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass Band Pickup

2 in 1

The EDM-1 from Headway Music is the next addition to their range of acoustic pickups and pre-amplifiers. Building on the success of their popular EDB-1 Equalizer Direct Blend Pre-amp, the EDM-1 boasts refined “Class A” inputs and Pro Audio IC Components. The Pro Audio design layout is extremely easy to read and the entire unit comes housed in a rugged metal housing that is built to withstand the punishment that gear is subjected to while touring and traveling. The EDM-1 is supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is also threaded to fit on most standard microphone stands.

The EDM-1 is ultra compact and easy to use:

  • 3 Band EQ
  • Tuneable “Range” Control covers all instruments
  • 9v Phantom Power assignable to “Ring” or “Tip”
  • XLR Adaptor included – Converts Output Jack to XLR Balanced DI Out
  • 3 Way Impedance Selector
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • Battery, Mains or Phantom Powered from Mixer
  • Price – $219.59
  • Call – Gary Ritter – 810 – 333-2752