4 in 1

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These new German made cases from Gewa feature a specially developed energy absorbing thermoplastic shell that is extremely strong, yet lightweight. Gewa Air cases are produced by bonding the material with heat. The foam between the inner and outer shells is injected under high pressure. This also allows for exceptional insulation against both cold and heat. Other cases in the market use a technology where the already finished material is later formed into shape. This causes stress and different thickness in the material, especially at the critical edges, where the thinner material can crack or break.
The Air 2.1 oblong cases are available with a high gloss, matte, or metallic finish.
High Gloss colors: Black, White, Red, Beige, Brown, Orange, Purple.
Matte colors: Black, White.
Metallic colors: Black, Silver
Size: 4/4
Weight: 4.4 lbs.


Padded, adjustable suspension system
Gewa patented swivel type holder and flexible bow holders
Detachable accessory pocket
2 detachable neoprene backpack straps
Interior black velour padding
Instrument blanket
Combination lock
Extremely high break resistance
Outstanding insulation properties
Detachable Subway Handle