Thomastik Belcanto Upright Bass Strings

2 in 1

Thomastik Belcanto
Thomastik has been making these “rope core” (a style of winding, not what they’re made of!) strings for a couple of years, and I must say that we’re pretty high on them right now – they’re on Bob’s Kay, and he’s really loving them for both pizz and arco. They’ve been designed for bowed work, but they have a very musical, warm pizz sound with a very sweet sustain. Their bowed feel and quick response is wonderful. Now they’re available in a new (Sept ’09) Solo Gauge!
String details from the manufacturer, Thomastik Infeld:

  • Core: specially twisted steel rope core; settles in quickly, intonates extremely well; exceptional tuning stability
  • Tone: dark and warm with excellent resonance; wide range of tone colors; easy to blend; pizzicato is open and free
  • Sound: outstanding projection with moderate effort; sustains better than most other arco (bowing) string brands
  • Playbility: quick response to the bow; soft under your fingers; fantanstic hybrid capability

Belcantos are for 3/4 size (and possibly some 7/8 or 4/4 depending on scale length) basses, with a scale length up to 110cm (43.3 inches). They have a steel rope core and are chromium wound.

Tension: G=28.25kg/62.2 lbs; D=27.75kg/63.3 lbs; A=29.25kg/64.4 lbs; E=28.75kg/63.3 lbs; Set=115kg/253.20 lbs. Bass string belcanto