Innovation Rockabilly REDS – 90140RR Med Tension Red Strings – $ 169.00

1 in 1

bass innovation redInnovation Double Bass Strings have a unique, non-metallic core which provide a gut-like tone without the cost or maintenance of gut upright bass strings. They hold their pitch well in climate and temperature changes, and most of their strings are equally suited for pizzicato (plucking) and arco (bowing).

Innovation Rockabilly Strings were the first offering in their “Slap” line of strings and have a distinctive black outer winding over a synthetic core. These new strings have a brash RED outer winding – and their tension and tone is designed specifically for the needs of rockabilly bassists. They provide warm, dark-ish tone with decent volume, making them a great string for players who play predominantly slap-style. They’re similar, but slightly different from the black rockabilly set.

As with the other Innovation strings, their decidedly gut-like tone – and softness – makes them a great alternative to the expense and maintenance requirements of real gut strings.

Players report that the Rockabilly strings are a good synthetic slap-style string – and they have the side benefit that they actually sound quite good for straight pizz playing as well (our own Christopher particularly likes the G-string’s pizz tone).