Rogeri 3/4

2 in 1

The Rogeri bass has a large body that moves a lot of air, giving you a rich and complex tone. It has a robust punch and is very even top to bottom.

Available in 200 (plain maple), 300 (moderately figured maple), and 800 (heavily flamed maple) levels.

The Rogeri outline is also available as the SB200 Rogeri Willow, the SB200 Rogeri Mahogany, and the SB190 Rogeri Hybrid.


Model Name: Rogeri 3/4 Maple
Model Number: SB200, 300 or 800 Rogeri
Size: Large 3/4
String Length: 41.25″
Body Length: 44 5/8″
SB200: $7550
SB300: $8065
SB800: $9625
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Top Material: Fully carved spruce
Back Material: Fully carved maple
Ribs: Fully carved maple
Purfling: Inlaid
Varnish: Hand-applied Oil
Neck: Maple D Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuning Machines: Euro Individual Machines
Accessories included
Endpin: Shen composite plug with 10mm rod, replaceable screw-on tip