Lightweight Travel Hard-side CASE for 3/4 size Upright BASS

3 in 1

This case is made up of a solid, wood shell frame; the interior is lined with cushy padding, which is covered in black fabric to prevent scratches. The exterior of the case is covered in a durable, tear-resistant fabric, similar to what you find on our soft cases. A heavy zipper closes the case, and a second security flap covers the zipper ends to prevent damage/accidental opening. Plenty of handles, and an unassuming black finish make the exterior useful and attractive.
Designed for most 3/4 size basses with fairly common dimensions.
Weight: 31 lbs
Interior Dimensions
Upper Bout Width: 21″
Lower Bout Width: 26″
Top of Scroll to Endpin: 73″
Heel of Neck to Endpin: 44″
Exterior Dimensions
Length: 80″
Width (widest point): 29.5″
Depth (widest point): 18.5″

price $815.00