John Paul Bows

Please call for current prices.  This is the best Bow for the money I have ever found.  Gary Ritter   –  810-333-2752

4 in 1

JonPaul U.S.A made Carbon Composite Bows

Vetta,  Carrera  ,  Muse ,  Avanti,   Corona, Bravo

Hand made in the USA since 1996, with models and prices to fit every skill level and budget, JonPaul American made bows are among the finest bows available. Play one of our world-class bows and enjoy.        Pecatte re-imagined.

Vetta, the Italian word meaning the summit or the pinnacle. Patterned after an immaculate Pecatte bow in our collection, the Vetta is a perfect fusion of balance, weight, and flexibility. This work of art is a true player’s bow. It perfects your professional techniques while creating the warm, rich, and powerful tones of a legendary Pecatte bow. The appearance is enhanced with an elegantly textured, “varnished” finish that is both unique and beautiful. The supple, fine French feel coupled with classic 14 karat rose gold mountings and rich red-brown hues make the Vetta the perfect bow for your collection.