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JonPaul – Reviews

*None of these artists were paid for their kind comments*

Nick Hoffman, violinist for Kenney Chesney“Indoors, outdoors, onstage, or in the studio… JonPaul makes me sound my best.”
-Nick Hoffman, violinist for Kenney Chesney

February 9, 2005

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. Your bows are a huge part of my sound, my versatility, and my image… By the way, I don’t know if I was able to tell you, but the JonPaul bow is the best yet! I love it and can’t put it down.

Here’s to 2005!

Cana Ohta, 2005 Gold Medal Winner, Shanghai Mozart Violin Competition with Richard Luby, D.M.A - Professor

“Because it hugs the string, you can work the sound. It is responsive and flexible; it’s a remarkable bow. This (JonPaul) bow reminds me of a Pajeot I used to have.”
-Richard Luby, D.M.A. – Professor

“I love this (JonPaul) bow! I am very happy.”
– Cana Ohta, 2005 Gold Medal Winner, Shanghai Mozart Violin Competition

Jon Jeansonne, violinist for Rascal Flatts“I constantly practice bowing techniques: ricochet, martele, spiccato, sautille, etc. Your bow, in my opinion, has that perfect balance which makes performing these bowings feel natural. Thanks!”
John Jeansonne, violinst for Rascal Flatts

“What can I say? I can honestly say that it really is all that I had hoped. I have been playing a particular fiddle for 22 years now…and to my joy and surprise, it sounds better than it ever has. This is a result of using your incredible bow. Thank you so very much.”
John Jeansonne, violinst for Rascal Flatts


The Lakewood ProjectThe Lakewood Project

Of all the stresses that come with starting a 30+ person Rock Orchestra, having the right bow is not one of them”

“I not only use my JonPaul for my electric cello, I use it for my acoustic too.”

“Strong enough for Led Zeppelin, sensitive enough for Mozart, JonPaul bows are incredibly versatile to modern string players.”

“I love the bow! It is so light and it enables me to have a better sound.”

“Excellent for students and professionals alike. You can use this bow for any type of music. It will give you its best all of the time.”

Burkhard Godhoff

“It is perfect. This bow is world class. You must understand, I only say this once a year about a gold medal winner. It’s absolutely wonderful! I have two in my case and I will recommend all of my students world-wide to play these bows.” – Burkhard Godhoff, distinguished professor

David Ragsdale - Kansas

“First, let me get this out of the way. Wow!!”
“(OK, thank you.) Finally, a composite bow made by real bow makers. This Avanti you guys sent is just killing me! Feels great, plays great and sounds great. Executes every bow stroke I know perfectly (And yes, I know more than one). No skimming, super articulate and makes everything I do so much easier. It’s amazing how much better your left hand becomes when the worry is removed from your right. The only downside is now I’ve got one less excuse.” – Dave Ragdsale, violinist for Kansas

Dean Brown, violinist for Tim McGraw

“JonPaul consistently provides me with a great sound. This bow rocks!”
-Dean Brows, violinist for Tim McGraw


Dan Hochhalter, violinist for Alan Jackson

“The JonPaul bow is the best bow I have ever played. Since I picked it up, I have not used any other bow in my collection. Try one and you’ll find out the same thing, it rocks.”
-Dan Kelly, violinist for Alan Jackson


“I absolutely love this bow. It has become my hands down favorite. Thanks JonPaul for making this revolution in bows available.”
-Tom Rutledge violinist for Alan Jackson

July 10, 2005
Hello Paul,

I just wanted to thank you once again for setting me up with another great JonPaul bow. I’ve been using it in every show since our visit to Salt Lake, and it has been absolutely perfect. I can testify to their durability too – about a week or so ago, my bow wound up getting flung off of the stage and onto the concrete floor right as our last song was being counted off. It was a complete accident, but I was happy to find all in one piece when the show was over. Any other bow would have been rendered useless, but the JonPaul didn’t even have a scratch on it!

Dan Hochhalter
– Dan Hochhalter, violinist for Gretchen Wilson

“I use a JonPaul bow on tour, in the studio and at home. It plays, looks, and sounds great. Most importantly, it is always extremely consistent and dependable, even in less than favorable weather conditions! The JonPaul bow is simply a wonderful bow. Try one, you’ll love it.”
-Jason Mowery, violinist for Travis Tritt

“I would really like to have 2 JonPaul Bows on the road. I play a lot more fiddle. Is there a possibility of getting another? I thought I would ask. I have enjoyed using my JonPaul Bow very much this year. I use it for every show. Which reminds me, I’m due for a rehair.”
-Jason Mowery, violinist for Travis Tritt

“Wow!! I just got done practicing parts of the Beethoven Violin Concerto with this JonPaul…Simply Fabulous! I can’t believe that it is some sort of a composite bow, that your company makes…Fantastic!!! The balance is incredible and the response…well I have a couple of bows…one a $5,500.00 and my practice bow…$2,500.00 and quite frankly it is Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! … I would let anyone who is a serious player know that these bows are Fabulous and if they want any information on these from an artist, have them get a hold of me and ask me about your Fantastic product.
-Gary S. Hamlin

“I haven’t taken my old bow out of the case once since the night I got this JonPaul.”
-Jimmy Steward, violinist for Brooks and Dunn

“It works real good! And I have used it every day since I got it. And again, thanks very much for the bow! It’s just right with the weight and all that goes with it.”
-Vassar Clements